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New Cabin, May, 2000*. Me & dog, Spike, summer, '02.
New Cabin, 2000*, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. In '02, me & dog, Spike. My car, VW Passat Wagon, Silver. But, '03, cabin, summer for rent. Maybe, '07 or '08, brother Bill and wife, Kathy, and cats, New Cabin, Quaker Hill!
My New Cabin, Pawling, N.Y.


I bought a home in Pennsauken, "as-is" from the bank in November.
I bought a home in Pennsauken, "as-is" from the bank in November. In 4 and ½ month, old/new kitchen, back five steps to back, 2 door, dining room, and front hall. In February, 2000, Frank and I, new ceiling, 12-lights!


00,Home, Fall; Spike
Old Cabin, me and first dog, Bijoux, 1986.
My Cabin/Dad, '47, Me & Bijoux.



California, north coast, 1987, LightHouse!
California, north coast, 1987, Light House, 10 days, south and north CA!
In 19'76-2000, SE P.A., Ten days, CA!





Stroke" - PPT"


1st Motorcycle, Hond, Magna, 500, 2001 - 2003

First time motorcycle, summer, '02 to '04, 2 years, Honda, 500 cc. Three motorcycles...


Motorcycles, Honda 750, '04-0'6

Second, '04 to spring, '06, Honda 750 motorcycle, used.

Third, BMW motorcycle, yellow r1200, Spring, 2006. But, July 3, 1:30 pm, backyard, "stroke!"


New, Spring, 2013, bronze Memoral Garden Plaque , Christ Church, in Pawling

New, spring, 2013, bronze Memorial Garden Plaque in Christ Church. May 11, '14, Hatch Toffey, wife, Susan death, this years, stone mortar in Quaker Hill.

Next, grave; my? But 10 family and cousins in Memorial Garden Plaque.


Eighteen years old, 1st Lt. John James Toffey, photo, Bogardus, NY.

Great grandfather, John James Toffey, .John father, George Toffey, 42 years old, Pawling, N.Y. moving south, Jersey Jersey City, NJ

Eighteen years old, 1st Lt. John James Toffey, photo, Bogardus, N.Y.

See, John James and Mary Sip Toffey.


Old missy and new, Monk, Upper Darby, PA.

Cats, two! Old Missy, left, and new Monk, and me, living room, Upper Darby, P.A., 1992.

See, "Fifteen Cats & Two Dogs!"



My Stroke Victim

"July 3, 2006, 1:30, backyard"

Lisa's divorce in April, 2000; Three month, backyard...

From, Upper Darby, P.A., to 2000, Pennsauken, NJ, Edward, Lisa and Garret in 6542 Collins Avenue. Lisa and I were married in April, 2000, but five years, fall, 2005, Lisa moving to younger men in Moorestown, NJ Next year, Lisa divorce in April, 2006.

History Spring, 2002, Passat and BMW Motorcycle...astea
History July 3 to July 10, 2006...
History Three month...
History End of September...
History Understanding Stroke!
New, November, 2010... New, November, 2010, SIPnAlive.com

...Used Volkwagen Passat and used BMW Motorcycle

And three month, I had a vehicle, new, used Volkswagen Passat Wagon, silver, in winter, 2002 dealer in Queens, N.Y.C., to home. Left home north. new cabin, dog, Spike and I, "Top of Hill," Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. - story of Pets, Sports, Cars; Eight Beetles, and Passat Wagon!

Four years and three motorcycles! But... 

First time in 34 years, used motorcycle, used Honda 500 cc motorcycle, spring to fall, riding around in southeast Jersey and southeast P.A. In summer, riding east to Ocean City Beach, side way, 5 or 6 times, 2002 to 2005.

And spring 2004, bought used motorcycle, Honda VT 750 C2 Shadow Me and girl, Joan, friend of Egendorf Advertisement, for small bank in P.A., secretary, Joan, riding northeast P.A., to South Jersey for three years 2003 to 2005. Fun!

In spring, 2006, yellow r1200c BMW motorcycle...

In spring, I bought a larger used BMW motorcycle, a yellow r1200c, just like in the James Bond movie, "Tomorrow Never Die!"

On Sunday, July 3th, I was in the backyard in Pennsauken with my BMW motorcycle, a yellow r1200c, just like in the James Bond movie" "Tomorrow Never Die" about to depart to visit friends in far northwest Jersey. My plan was to spend the night celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day with Ed and Jillian to nighttime and fireworks.

Before riding in a motorcycle, back, small black bags, Cigarettes [A Visual Guide to Lung Cancer], Marijuana [Drug Facts: Marijuana] and Cocaine [Cocaine Use and Its Effects]. See, Story of Bad Habits.

As I prepared to leave, I suddenly collapsing under the weight of the motorcycle, and fell onto my right side on top of me! I dragged myself six or seven feet to the porch, where I lay for hours, believing I was dead.

Eventually, around 5 or 6 pm, my neighbor Doris saw me and called 911. I was taken two Cooper Hospital.

My brother Bill, wife Kathy, and their two of three sons, visiting the cabin in Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., that holiday weekend, arrived soon after.

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Cooper Hospital, Seven Days

He was rushed to Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ where his life was saved. But things would never be the same!

I was no-speech, aphasia and paralyzed on my right face, right arm, right knee and right foot! I couldn't make any sounds or words. (Example: Hi Lisa, hut aure lou...) I can't see to the right side in my two eyes, and I have double vision. But, 5 years later, I get outside everyday, walking and going far!

Cooper Hospital's chef of the neurology service explained: "Garret had a very severe stroke. Nothing will be the same.. I suggests he might required Institutional care for the rest of for life."

Magee Rehabilitation, three month...

I spent three month at Magee Rehabilitation on four floor room, starting with no speech (aphasia) and spending a lot of time in bed. I had daily therapy to learn to walk, climb stairs, do daily activities but wheelchair.

Date of Report: August 16, 2006. Magee, woman, SLP, Speech Therapy Pathologist, during initial sensing, unintelligible despite multiple repeats. "Following 5 minutes, PT used AAC to identify topic'-wheelchair' and ultimately PT attempting to state: NO wheelchair" Educated PT re: unintelligibility and how AAC can facilitate listener understanding."

One month, August 12, woman speech Pathologist and I: YES, remembered! I had learned how to make sounds. Little-bit better, but slow speaking! After three month, I left Magee Rehab, but joined a stroke group that meets 1 1/2 hours a month, and have been attending for 5 years!

Date of Report: August 20, 2006. Speech Pathology, "Garret is learning to use 3 word phrase in a structured setting with moderate assistance for breath support."

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House in Pennsauken, September

"Stroke Survivor!"

After Magee Rehab, end of September, I returned to "My Home," in Pennsauken. For the first two days, I was downstairs in the living room to sleep on the sofa. But after three days, I began going upstairs, using a new railing, front left, for bedtime and sleep! Before stroke and after stroke, six cats! But three month at Magee Rehab, Lisa took care of the six cats at Collins Avenue: feeding with dry food and new water, upstairs and downstairs and basement, and cleaning litter.

Next month, stroke party, was on Saturday, two week after I got home, in October in 2006, in the afternoon, 25* people came -- friends, neighbors, family and coworkers in my living room, kitchen and back porch. This include Norma Egendorf and husband, Jerome M. Pomerantz - Egendorf-Morrison Inc, Norma Egendorf, President. Jerry died in September 2009; Norma died three month later, December, 2009.

Jerry and Norma were important to my design career. See: SipStudio.com/Portfolio: Web Design Samples | Print Design Samples | Annual Report Samples | Illustration Sample - last one, Strawbridge & Clothier, 125 years, Ads and Illustration; <Click & Drag to slide>, Throw blankets, living room, two illustration, bed walls, left and right, , and the giant billboard for Strawbridge & Clothier at 125 Years, Philadelphia, P.A., 1988!

Slowing walking...

But, slowing walking is a major exercise for me. At the start, I had help from a Home Aide, Lisa's friend, Tacy. I walked 12 blocks up and back, to home. In 2007 to 2008, I was outside and walking on my own, 8 streets up to Merchantville, to Centre Street and back home. In spring and summer in 2008, I walked to Merchantville to RiteAids\, McFarlands, Blue Monkey, and Italian restaurant, by myself! Even in 2012 I have walked as much as two miles to stores and restaurants. But this has a price, as it seems that the walking can be too much and too far, as I have a lot of PAin in my right leg, with spasms I have had different doctors try to help, but it continues to get worse! My Birth, 200*, SW NJ: "Walking to Park, Chestnut Avenue, Merchantville".

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“Who is affected?”

"Approximately 1.5 to 2 million adults and children suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year in the United States. Most people who experience a head injury, about 1.1 million, will have a mild injury that does not require an admission to the hospital. Another 235,000 individuals will be hospitalized with a moderate to severe head injury, and approximately 50,000 will die.'

“Second hit” phenomenon — and can lead to permanent damage or even death in some instances."

Understanding Stroke

Stroke Facts in America:


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New site, November, 2010, after stroke in Right side...

Three month Magee Rehab to Garret's home, September, 2006, but same, right-side, right leg, slow speeching, aphasia and no computer. Four and one-haft years, television show, dinner for microwave oven and slow walking. But...

Idea! Four years stroke, new site, November, 2010, www.SIPnAlive.com! A Colorful, Rich and Oldies Family History!

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