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Me and dog, Spike, old cabin in '99, "one more time!"
Me and dog, Spike, old cabin in '99, "one more time!" Fall, building to new cabin...


Clumbing to top of new Cabin, summer, 2000, me and dog,Spike! But, 2003, summer, rent new cabin..
Climbing to top of New Cabin, summer, 2000, me and dog,Spike! But, 2003, summer, rent new cabin..


20 _Cabin; Hom
New Cabin, climbing down, 2002, flag in left!


New cabin, 2000, next summer reunion, Toffeys, 2001.
Next summer reunion, Toffey's, 2001.


John Cornell, 1993. John and I, average, 1 - 2 time a years - since 1971 to 2002!
John Cornell, 1993. John and I, average, 1 - 2 time a years - since 1971 to 2002!


1986, Ed & Bijou. Ed, 39 years (2020).
Ed, Bijoux and I, old cabin 1987. Edward and Garret, since, 1971, Tenafly High School. But Facebook, best friend, Edward and I, 2017!


Twins, girl name, Missy, 17 years,
Edward and I, driving, south East Quake Hill Road, 2 minute before corner, 2 twins, girl, Missy, near. 17 years old. And..


And far, boy name, Tissy, 13 years.
..boy name, Tissy, 13 years.
Two twins kittens; 15 cats!


20 _Cabin; Hom
In 1968, Toffey's, near and far view. Far left, Akin Free Library Christ Church!


Cows! Cabin, walking, 5 minute, minute, cows, summer, 1992.
Cows! Cabin, corner, Brady Lane and Game Farm Road, left, walking, 5 left, cows, summer, 1992.


victorian house & barn_Quaker Hill Rd
"Old victorian House, left, and right, Barn."
Summer, 1994 or 1995. Old cabin, my car, south, 5 minute to corner, Christ Church and across a street Akin Free Library. And car, 1 or 2 minute, "Old House and Barn!" North Quaker Hill Road, West Quaker Hill Road,


Me, second floor, outside, me! And Bill, shad, and Kathy, camera
Me, second floor, outside, me! And Bill, shad, and Kathy, camera, iPhone.



My dad, William, Dorothy, canera, circa, 1948.

My dad, William, Dorothy Toffey, summer, 1948.


My dad, William, Dorothy, two-mommy, two-daddy, canera, circa, 1948.

My dad, William, Dorothy, two-mommy, two-daddy, camera, circa, 1948.


20 _Cabin; Hom

In 1958, my father, Bill, Dorothy, three boys, 4 of 5 cousin, Uncle Akin, Grandma, Eldridge, grasses's and Ash trees - 10 Brady Lane, Game Farm Road, Quaker Hill. Walking to top: Picnic.


Summer, 1968; Timber!

"Timber!" Summer of '68, spend several days! Bottom, down a trees, and ax's!


Fall in 1969, rocks to climbing up...

Fall in 1969, rocks to climbing up...


Fell, 1970, father, Kyle and me, pour cements

"Eureka, incan, fall, 1969, car!" Mom's camera!


Fell, 1970, father, Kyle and me, pour cements

Cement piers for the cabin, fall, 1969.


First car,

End of Summer, 1970, me and dad, clearing trees and chain saw; bottom & top a car!


Fell, 1970, father, Kyle and me, pour cements

In 1970, summer, bought a tent, Quaker Hill!


Tent and tarp in back view!

Tent and tarp in back view!

S L Gastroentent $15.88

August 8, 1971, noontime haft-cabin!

August 8, 1971, almost noontime haft-cabin!


"Up She Rise!"


1974, father,storae ; lefr

In 1974, father addition 5'7" x 6'; roof and floor!


Family; Cabi -86

Cabin (right, top) My family, Quaker Hill, 1986. And me, dog, Bijoux!



Dad, 1947, 10 Acres on "Top of Hill!"

"Christ Church, 10 minute climbing to top!"

My father purchased 10 acres of woods on top of Quaker Hill

In 1947, dad purchased 10 acres of woods on top of Quaker Hill. Dad, after World War II, two years, home in Jersey City. Father driving north to Palisades Interstate park, New Jersey and New York State, to Bear Mountain Bridge. Turn right to Route 6, and Route 55, northeast, Route 311 to corner light, Pawling, off Route 22, light. Turn ankle east, Quaker Hill Road South. clumping up, five time to top, turn left, Quaker Hill Road North, five or six minute, but stop. Corner, left, Christ Church house and Christ Church. Across a street, Akin Free Library. Turn right, Kirby Hill Road, clumping slope and clumping to top, two minute. Turn left north, Game Farm Road, small rock and gravel road, two, turn left, gravel road, three three home, right, 10 Brady Lane, but walking to "Top of the Hill!"money tree

My parents and three son, Bill, Kyle and Garret, large trees White Ash and big boulders rock! But, 66 years, 1947 to end of 2013, "for sale!" September, 2013, new cabin parents. Sad! Se below.

History Dad Purchased 10 acres in 1947...Top of Hill!
History Google Map: Toffey Cabin
History "Trip Up in the Spring of 1969..."
History Car license, summer in 1972...
History New View Advertising, winter and snow, 1985 in Cabin!
History New Cabin, but 2014...

"Top of Hill"

Summer, my dad's family, driving north to top, Quaker Hill. One day, Saturday, am and evening, one or two times a years, 15 years, 1955 to 1970, Paramus and after, Tenafly, NJ to "Top of the Hill!"

In 1957 we spent a 3 day a weekend at the Holiday Hills YMCA Center down north in Pawling. This was so great that during the summers of 1958, 1959 and 1960 we spent two-week vacations at Holiday Hills, photo,top left.

The William Toffey families with two cars north to 10 Brady Lane in Quaker Hill, and my Uncle Akin, four of five children, Bill Hoyt Toffey, two girl twins, Nancy and Annie, and youngest, Peter Sip Toffey. My grandma, Clarice Toffey and my my mom's grandparents, or Brother Bill (three years old, two-mommy and two-daddy0, Chester and Edith Eldridge, in joy a family picnic in 1958.

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Map of Toffey landmarks around Pawling

Google map: Toffey Cabin, in a Larger Map, Pawling, N.Y.

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Mom's Story: "On a Trip"

"On a trip up in the spring of 1969, with Bill home from college, we decided to see if we could cut down an embankment to make a driveway into our property. Starting at a gap in the stonewall, digging began with only a shovel and pick mattock. Fortunately, the earth was soft and there were no large rocks or trees at that point.


"It worked! And for the very first time we were able to get our car onto our property. That really started us on our way to fulfilling a dream of 20 years.

The next step came in the summer of 1970 when we bought a tent so we could camp on Quaker Hill. With a tent to stay in for a few days at a time, we made plans to put up a small prefab cabin. We had a place to stay while we worked. And, boy, did we work!

So in the fall of 1970 we began the task of putting in the cement block piers for the cabin. But first we had to clear about a 1/4 acre of shoulder-high blackberry. And what a problem we had locating a somewhat level spot!

The next step was cutting down trees to make a driveway to the top of the hill. By this time we had a chain saw. This was in the summer of 1971--July 23-25.

"Up She Rises!"

"August 8, 1971, work started at 8 a.m. and you were finished about 5 p.m. except for roof shingles. The finished product was on 10'x15', but oh! So cozy!

In 1974 your father built a 5'x6' addition to the side to serve as storage closet and bathroom (?). The roof section and floor were prefabricated at home and all other pieces were pre-cut and drilled at home for assembly there. A neat trick."

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New, 1974, Tappan Zee Bridge; faster!

New, 1974, New Jersey, 9W, N.Y. State, Tappan Zee Bridge, east, The Saw Mill River, Interstate 684 north, straight, 20 – 25 minute to Route 84, east wet, Carmel, north, five minute, Route 22, ten minute to Pawling, N.Y.

I stayed at the cabin frequently with myself, and first dog, Bijoux, or after, Spike, my best friends, John, and, or Edward from 1971. In 1976, I moved to Philadelphia, but I liked to visit the cabin, and dog, average, 3 to 5 times a years. In 47 Street and Baltimore Avenue, moving to Upper Darby, Pennsauken, NJ and one more, moving to Pennsauken, NJ: my cabin!

Cabin, picture, but Brother, Bill family, 1971 to 2003, average, zero - two time a years. Kyle family, average, 1972 to 1988, zero or one time a year. New Cabin, spring ,2003, before rents, two day, Bill, Kyle, Garret and Spike, sleeping.

South Quaker Hill Road, Two Twins Kitten..

First time, summer, in 1978, Friday night, 908 47th Street, Philadelphia, Edward and I, north to Quaker Hill, almost four hours north. Next day, Saturday, noontime, Volkswagen Squareback, dark green. Driving to country, four hours southeast, Connecticut. After driving back to cabin, Sherman, south, Route 37, and right, Chapel Hill Road. Border, Connecticut to Pawling, to Quaker Hill Road South, five minute. Before corner, right, Old Quaker Hill Road, one minute driving but STOPS! Right, farm, cornfield, two twins kittens, four weeks old! And back to Cabin and kittens. Inside cabin, girl name, Missy. And boy name, Tissy! Sunday, back to West Philadelphia.

Missy, 17 years old. And Tissy, 13 years!

See Two twins kittens, Missy and Tissy!

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Winter, New View Ads., Merchantville, NJ to Cabin..

First time advertising, New View Advertising, fall, 1980 to 1989, 1980 to spring, 1985, New View Advertising, Merchantville, New Jersey. (In fall, 1999 to 2017, 17 years, my home to Chapel Avenue & Centre Street, 19 walking!) Large light blue building, side door, upstairs. 12 to 14 people. President, Vice President, writer, me and two art designer, and back, 5 to 7 people working. After, 1985 to 1989, Collingswood, south N.J.

One time in winter and snowing, in 1985, large news printer, south New Jersey Newspapers. But stop! No printer newspapers! Back to New View Advertising, and me, large BMW truck box, like, Light duty box truck, white. Back, newspaper advertising to west Connecticut, large new papers, "Newspapers Advertising!"

Driving north BMW truck, white, Route 95 to Route W9, to north New York State, Tappan Zee Bridge, east, right, Route 684. Right, Route 84 East, 20 minute to Connecticut. "Newspapers Advertising!"

After, Route 84, north, 20 minute, Pawling, N.Y., right, South Quaker Hill Road, to Kirby Hill Road east to top, left north, Games Farm Road, 5 minutes middle. Right, slow driving, 1 minute, truck but stop. Dark, winter and snow, but walking to top, old cabin, inside, sleep, but blanket!

Am walking to truck, back top, aluminum, but top, tree branch, but hole! Back to New Jersey, New View Advertising. President Nick, and night time, truck, "aluminum, but top, hole!"  

See, 1976 - 2000, SE P.A., "First Time Working Advertisement, 1980."  

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New Cabin, 2000!

After me and dog, Spike, end of summer, 1999. Fall, winter and spring, building and working in new cabin. End of spring, me and Bill, inside and outside cabin. And mom died, September 23, 1999, Kissimmee, Florida. But before mom died, money, New Cabin!

But last summer, new cabin! West, front, basements, first floor, living room, diving room, kitchen, two beds and small bathroom and shower. Upstairs, one big bed room and closet. And upstairs, outside, flag!

Summer, 2002, my family and cousins, girl twins, Nancy, P.A., and Annie, east MA. And South Carolina, Bill Hoyt Toffey and wife, Gail and two boys, And PT, Peter Sip Toffey, 15 minute to Bill Hoyt. And Akin Hatch Toffey daughter, husband and children: Party!

But rent, 2003

But, and of summer, 2003, rent. First, 2003 - 2006, husband and wife, 60* years old. Bur new rent, 2006, man, 50 years old, lone, working to New York City. But, end of November, 2012, brother Bill, call first name, Philippe, For Sale. And new couples , 2013. Sad,brother Bill, A and family and fiends to cabin. But, one or two day a years, me and Bill (and Kathy), one day, cabin and sleep!

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