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Russell Markert: Film Choreographers and Dance Directors: An Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia with a History and Filmographies, 1893 Through 1995 [Hardcover]

Nancy & Me; Senio
Tenafly; Episcopal Church, , Acolyte; Church of the Atonements, Kyle! and I to church singing chair!
Church, one day a week, cleaning, me and old black man, mop, vacuum, school chair sit and reading bible, etc, 1965 to 1966. (Camera, Bill and I, summer, 2010.)


Drums, 10 years old and stroke, 2006.
Drums, 10 years old - stroke, July 3, 2006. John, guitar and me, drums.
Rock & Roll, Pop, Jazz, R & B. Music: Yes, Emerson, Lake and PAlmer, Geneses, Van Morrison, etc!


Me and Nancy.
Winter, 1962, Susan Dunbar and I, backyard, white horse, two houses west, Knickerbocker Road. Next door, Don Zeilers family, backyard to Susan home.
But, 1968, Susan's family move to east, Tenafly! Susan's father, Doctor.


Tenafly, 1964; Uncle Akin, & new wife, Joan marriage. Joan son, Peter and sister, Susan, front. And, grandma, dad's sid. (Back, left-right) Kyle, Bill, me, dad, Akin, bill Ho,


Fourth Grade, Stllman Schoo, Tenafly.
Fourth Grade, Stllman Schoo, Tenafly.


2 - Fifth Grade;
"STILLMAN SCHOOL, TENAFLY, DECEMBER 1965." Top middle, Teacher, Mr. Ohonesion, this year but no-next years! Mr. Ohonesion, top left, Garret, students. Sign, left, Steve Holmgren.
The setback. In the early summer, 1966, my parents made a tough decision and held me back to repeat the six grade.
Steve Holmgren, four home down and I wearing reading glasses!


Tenafly Dining, me, John & Ed.
Tenafly Diner! Me, John and/or Ed, Tenafly Dining.
John, 1972, one time summer, Tenafly Dining, back, washer, dryers, mop and bucket, cleaning and cooking.


Bill, Kyle, holding, cat and white car, Mercury, circa, 1967.
Bill, Kyle, holding, cat and white car, Mercury, circa, 1967.
Old Gray Barn, summer, 1962...
Old Gray Barn, summer, 1962.
Inside barn, 1900*, horse wagons and buggies!


Spring, '71, first VW_replacing, Red, 62
New Yellow Barn in winter, 1970.
My dad in barn under floor, straight, front, side and back floor!


July 18, 1973, back barn, Arson! And after, 3 more time, arson, Tenafly and Englewood! Brother Bill’s friend, 4 street south, same age at Bill, arson!
July 18, 1973, back barn, Arson! And after, 3 more time, arson, Tenafly and Englewood! Brother Bill's friend, 4 street south, same age at Bill, arson!


Dad & Snow, 1975, VW beetlle; 1965.
Dad and Snow, front yard, winter, 1975, Volkswagen Beetle, used.
Home, Tenafly, "Three Beetle": 1st, me, first VW, used Red, spring, 1971 (new, 1962); 2nt, me, Yellow Bug, spring, '73 (new, 1966, roof; 3st, dad, Gray/White bug, summer, 1973 (new Beetle, 1965). And more VW (meddle, bottom.
But, July 18, 1973, 1:30, Arsonist, 82 Norman Place!
Colleg freshman, East Carolina University, North Carolina, '74 - '76.
College freshman, East Carolina University, North Carolina, '74 - '76. Car accident, August 23, 1976, Tenafly, NJ Home, two month. After, West Philadelphia.


Howard Jacobsom, Senior High School, Tenafly, NJ, '73 (book).
Howe, Howard Jacobson, senior High School, '73, Tenafly.
Summer, '74, north, Tallman Mountain Park, me and Howard Jacobson. (Middle: "First Bicycle - 1960*" - Howard & Me.)


One more time in full, Kyle and I to cabin, Quaker Hill, Dr. Peale House, waterfull!
One more time in full, Kyle and I to cabin, Quaker Hill, Dr. Peale House, water full!


Kyle take off, May 19, 1974.
Kyle take off, May 19, 1974. One 1/2 month, east to west, to California, San Francisco, and new church!


Bicentennal Op - Sail, the hudson river - July 4, 1976.
Bicentennial Op - Sail, the hudson river - July 4, 1976. Ed's mom, apartment, 4 floor (or 5 flood), family and friends. Ed's mom died, 1977. Ed, apartment, N.Y. City, 1 years. And Ed, south-west, 24 ht & East 8 Street, and Ed's brother, Bill, 2nt floor! Ed's brother & wife, new home, 2010, south-east Pawling, N.Y.! (Ed & Me, '78-'00, SE P.A.)


Kitchen, cabinet, in 2017
Kitchen, cabinet, in 2017. Missy cat straight, 8 years old, fall, 2010, but Missy died, fall, 2016. Clock in wall, and wall cabinet in 2011, right, antique in home.


Home, left, side living room.. One of three top of door, stain glass windows.

Home, left, side living room. One of three top of door, stain glass windows. Dining room and kitchen, stain glass window. And front door, top, stain glass.


Front, antique Stained Glass Windows -4
Front door; Antique stained glass windows. Inside ceiling top, antique lamp.


Back gust bed. Tall wall picture, signed: "President Of The United States Of America" - President Abraham Lincoln & John James Toffey, Washington, D.C.
Back gust bed. Tall wall picture, signed: "President Of The United States Of America" - President Abraham Lincoln & John James Toffey, Washington, D.C.
See, "My Dad Family/Abe Lincoln & John Toffey."


Tenafly, back yard.
Tenafly, backyard, Sugar Maple Tree!
Mom, season, winter - spring, 4 - sapling puller; 3 feet high! After spring, kitchen, bowl cooking; Maple Sugar Syrup! Me, breakfast, pancake and maples syrup!


My home, left side, outside, birds and back, birds waters. Upstairs middle, my room!
Outside in left side,birds and back, birds waters. Upstairs middle, my room!


My backyard, backdoor, right side, clumping down, spring, Tenafly.
My backyard, backdoor, right side, clumping down, spring, Tenafly.


Front and left side porch, my family and friends.
Front, left and right side porch, my family and friends.


My home, right side and backdoor, cat, Pepsi, and car, Mercury.
My home, right side and backdoor, cat, Pepsi, and car, Mercury.



Garret Sip Toffey, 8 years, summer in a back yard, 1962.

Garret Sip Toffey, 8 years, summer in a back yard, 1962.


82 Norman Place, Tenafly, N.J., my home, summer, 1961 to 1983.

My Home, 82 Norman Place, Tenafly, NJ, my home, summer, 1961 to 1983.

Outside frond, left and right doors, top, old stand glass doors,attic front turret


Dad and Pepsi, kicten.

In 1964 and 1965, New York Word's Fair! Dad working, free. New York Word's Fair, two-1964 and two, 1965!

See, Story of Family.


Caption: [Living room, Santa ~ Three boy's in school] [Inside] MERRY CHRISTMAS from the TOFFEY – Dorothy, Bill, Bill, Kyle and Garret.

Caption: [Living room, Santa ~ Three boy's  in school] [Inside] MERRY CHRISTMAS from the TOFFEY – Dorothy, Bill, Bill, Kyle and Garret.

My father, Christmas Cards for family and friends for 1964 in Tenafly, NJ. My father, Christmas Cards from 1948 to 1969, 21 years.



1961, Decpember 25, me, Great Garloo, two feet tall!

Night time, spring, 1961, Paramus, mom and me, one minute advertising, Great Garloo! Next Christmas, Tenafly, NJ, me, Great Garloo, two feet tall!


1962, Artist and canvas, Halloween

Artist and Canvas, 1962, Halloween, side yard.


1964, Halloween, me, front and back, VoTE!

Halloween, 1964 - me, front, VOTE! Back, VOTE, top; JOHMSON, and bottom, GOLDWATER!


Dad and Pepsi, kicten.

Dad & Pepsi, kitchen, breakfast, '68 or '69.


High School Bands- bass drums,

High School Bands, bass drums, three years. But senior high school working, Lowell Cleaning & Fur.



February, 1969, backyard, first Mini Bike! For engineering build yourself scratch, a bicycle & lawn motor, 1 1/2 years. (Middle: "MiniBike, Winter, '69")



Lowell Cleaner & Fur - 1969 - 1973, after high school. Summer, 5 days a week. Kyle, Lowell Cleaner, '68 - '70. Me, East North Carolina college, summer, Lowell Cleaner, 1974 - 1976, working. But, August 23, 1976, car accident, below. (Lowell Cleaner & me, 2010.)


Me and Dawn, dating, Chile, NY State!

June 20, 1970, brother Bill married Anne E. Lehman, in Chili, N.Y. State (Rochester). Young sister, Dawn and me, usher Garret. And me and Dawn, two time, dating! Letters, me to Dawn, but, too far, Chili, N.Y. State.


AFS, Intercultural Programs - me, junior & senior high school.

AFS, Intercultural Programs. junior and senior high school.

Two week, Jamestown, N.Y., me and friend, 1972, parents and sister; home and barn; dog, horse, chicken, etc. And saying to my home, two weeks, friend and I..


Dating, Nancy and Garret to my house, 1973.

Dating, Nancy and Garret to my house, 1973.


Senior classes, right...

Senior, classes's in Tenafly High School, right - big!


Senior High School, Tenafly, NJ.

Senior High School, 1973, Tenafly, N.J.


Graduation in Senior High School, Tenafly, , 1973, Edward and me. 

Graduation in Senior High School, Tenafly, , 1973, Edward and me. 


VW_accidement, August 23, 1976

VW car accident, August 23, 1976, two month, September & October. Four years East Carolina University, but no, junior and senior college. Fall, P.A.!


Aug., 23, 1976, lucky, it could hsve been much worse,

VW squareback, accident, old man, August 23, 1976 - October, 2 months! Car Accident!


Summer, 1973, used Konica T3 Autoreflex Camera.

Summer, 1973, used Konica T3 Autoreflex Camera. My cousin, Bill Hoyt Toffey, new Konica T3, two or three years, 1970, large and small lens and cases (new, $500*). But Bill Hoyt, used Konica to me and no money!

Picture camera, Konica T3, but one-haft year, winter, School of Visual Arts, loosed it in school! Sad!


Summer, 1973, used photograph Konica, picture, stream and woods, black and white!

Summer, 1973, photograph, Konica T3 picture, stream and woods in north-east NJ, black and white!


Photography picture, Konica, summer, 1973, Akin Free Library & Museum, Quaker Hill; nice picture!

Photography picture, Konica, summer, 1973, Akin Free Library & Museum, Quaker Hill; nice picture!  


Photographic sheen, waterfall, and Konica T3 picture, summer, 1973 in Quaker Hill.

Photographic sheen, waterfall, and Konica T3 picture, summer, 1973 in Quaker Hill. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale home, 225 acres in Quaker Hill Rd. See, My Ancestry, My Dad Side, Graveside in Pawling, N.Y.


20x14, 'Tobacco Barns', 6/6 Garret Toffey. Old printer Elitch, pencil drawing, College, East North Carolina, '75.

20x14, 'Tobacco Barns', 6/6 Garret Toffey. Old printer Elitch, pencil drawing, College, East North Carolina, '75.


North to South, East North Carolina, fall, 1974, Art School of Art Designer. Study if printing, train track.

10x7, 'Elitches Line', 7, Garret Toffey, train wood floor. Old printer Elitch, pencil drawing, College, East North Carolina, '75.


10x7, 'Soft', 6, Garret Toffey. Old printer Elitch, pencil drawing, College, East North Carolina, '75.

10x7, 'Soft', 6, Garret Toffey. Old printer Elitch, pencil drawing, College, East North Carolina, '75.


Kichen, old lamps, top & side lamp.

Kitchen- old lamps, top and side old lamp.

Round tables, 5-chairs, me, '83-'09; after sale. Cabinet (living room, 2012). And me, wood round, '83.


Attic, 1961-1983. Back, window, SE,nyC, Empire State Building.

Attic, 1974 in back, paining, "Sea Shell". Right, dad, 15 brass

Back window, winter, left, south-east, N.Y.C. "The Empire State Building!"

My father in Jersey City, teenage in 1928, walking to F. W. Woolworth Company. Small brass wood brass - 59!

In 2000 in Pennsauken, NJ, 7 left. See, My dad, William V. Toffey!


Attic in front right, toret.

Attic in front right, toret.


My dad in back, lawn mower, summer, 1977.

My dad in back, lawn mower, summer, 1977.




Toffey's, 1961 to 1983, Tenafly, NJ

"82 Norman Place"

climbing top, big yellow house, 5 Bedrooms, roof, turret!

It's amazing what you remember from your childhood, the little details and moments of being a kid that hang with you like a cherished toy. In the summer of 1961, we moved to our second home at 82 Norman Place in Tenafly, New Jersey. It was about 20 minutes from our first home on Terhune Avenue in Paramus and about 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge in another direction.

In Tenafly, "Best Places To Live" in New Jersey!

History 82 Norman Place, first time in attic, old toys!
History Google Map: Tenafly, NJ, North, South, East, West!
History My mom's Grandparents in '61, Oradell, NJ, moving to Debary, Florida...
History Clarinet, 7 to 10 years old, Drums, 10 years old to July 3, '06...
History More basements; ping-pong; Model Trains, car race, small peoples, trees!
History Steve and I, Best Buddy to 1966!
History ...And, summer of 1966, Lay Back!
History In 1991, my bicycle in Bergen County, NJ; "Big Deal"
History Summer, '67, in town, inside record store, John Cornell & I, 39 years!
History Using a old bicycle and a lawn mower motor!
History Lowell Cleaning & Fur: Elizabeth's father, Jimmy Dean; Dizzy Gillespie!
History Edward, Jr. Tenafly High School, together, 1978 to 2001; three homes!
History Romantic, Dawn in 1971 [Dawn, W. Preston, '77]; Nancy in '72 to '85!
History AFS, Intercultural Programs - Junior & Senior High School
History July 18, 1973, 1:30 AM, barnyard garage, Arsonist!
History Summer, ’74, 2 month, The Art Students League in Woodstock, N.Y....
History And fall, East Carolina University, Artist & Graphic Designer, but...
History 8/23/'76, home, driving, 10 minute, car accident; no remember!

In Summer, 1961, My boy's to attic - old toys!

In Terhune Avenue in Paramus in second floor front, one bed, Kyle and I, twin loft bed. But new home in Tenafly, second floor hall side, my parent's room, Queen bed, and right side, Kyle, twin bedroom. But, summer, 1961, my parents to antiques store, ¾ Brass Bed! And, 57 years, summer, 1961 to 2018, same ¾ brass bed's antique!

First time in early summer, 1961, my boys to attic - old toys! Old game, old sports toys for - football game: 8 in x 16 in x 3/4 in! Fun! Front and back terrace, old ankle hardware, darks woods, nails and no insulation. But, next years, my dad new insulations, my parented and three sons, painting, and white plywood's ankle!

As a little boy, I could walk up to the attic in my house and stare out the back window. On clear cold winter day I could see the "The Empire State Building!" That was cool!

My dad, top, front and back in attic, white Fluorescent light tubes and brown woods and plastic white. And back door, my brother Bill bed room, new desk, book self, closet storage, desk and chairs!

We updated it and my oldest brother Bill took command of it as his bedroom in attic. Bill's room in fall, Cornell University in N.Y. State in 1969, my middle brother Kyle, 1961 to 1969 in second flooor in middle right room to attic in back door bedroom.

But Kyle in back sidewalk big bags, and banjo take off in May 19, 1974 in south to west to California!

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Google Map, "61 - '83, Tenafly;

Google map: 82 Norman Place, and more Tenafly, Large Map.

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...& Summer, '51-'61, Grandparents, moving to FL

My Grandparents, Chester Dwight and Edith Cornelia Freethey Eldridge, from, 1951 to summer, 1961, ten years, 1005 Oradell Avenue in Oradell, N.J. to Debary, Florida. In the spring of 1962 my grandparents, and new car, 1962, Ford Galaxie, light blue, north to spend Easter with us in Norman Place.

Chester brought classic 1950's home movie projection  

My grandfather had renewed his interest in art and photography. When they arrived he brought with him two cameras: One a newer color film camera and the other a classic 1950's home movie projection camera. They were typically a metal shoe box with either's one, two or three lenses attached. It was probably the first time the average consumer could shoot home movies in color. Once he started acquiring these cameras our family story was told in Technicolor.

The next year, Dorothy and three boys, spent time Easter week with them in Florida. But father after working in N.Y.C., Drug Trade News in evening in 82 Norman Place, my dad and typewriter letter to mother and three sons in Debary, and dad, envelop and stamp.

More William Toffey III, Dad Story's, sixteen letters in SIPnAlive.com!

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First Drum in 10 years old - 42 Years stroke!

No mom and dad for music! But, mother’s Chester and Edith love playing piano! In 1961, parents, moving from Oradell, NJ to Debary, FL, but piano to my family in living room in Tenafly. But after worse broken keys piano, in 1995 to trash!

The grandsons live music! I played the clarinet as a boy for three years grade, 1991 to 1994. But, spring, 1993 in Stillman School gym, practiced instrument, two of three clarinets, but back left, playing percussions!

My first set of drums at the age of 10, in 1964. I played the drums for six years for school. There is power in the drum line. It's what keeps the music together. The possibility of having a drum solo is the moment that every drummer lives for.

Walter Rosenberg was a teacher, and I, Student in Tenafly

In high school I played the bass drums in the marching band in freshman. I studied the drums an hour a week at high school with a friend named Nancy Rosenberg. She lived four streets away from me and her father, Walter Rosenberg was a teacher and I, student!

Rosenberg & composer, Leonard Bernstein, N.Y. Philharmonic!

Walter Rosenberg was a student of music. He taught students and also played professionally. He worked as a senior percussionist with famed composer Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in the movie production of "West Side Story". Here is a great clip of Walter performing with Leonard Bernstein in the production of Mozart Schlittenfaht's "Sleigh Ride" in 1967. Leonard Bernstein - Mozart Schlittenfahrt (Sleigh Ride), 1967, and Walter is third percussion on the right. His dedication to the music had a big influence on me.

I played in the winter high school orchestras doing percussions, snare drums, cymbals, Latin percussion and more. In my junior year of high school we were selected to perform at halftime during the annual Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. We were in awe of the rivalry and tradition that exists with this particular game.

At that time I was influenced in my music by Emerson Lake and Palmer, Geneses, Van Morrison, The Beetles, Steven Curtis Chapman and Sade and more music!

In 2000 in middle back of basement playing drums, Geneses in sound speaker in CD! But one more time in summer, playing drums in 2006.

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Basement, Model Train, Cars, and mountain, peoples!

Broke in livingroom, Vintage Zenith Console Radio & Turntable, 1962

In 1962, my parents in living room, large vintage Zenith Console Radio and Turntable but 15 years died. New turntable radio and vinyl record. Front living room, my father and big turntable for me to basement, fixed up? Me, parts, old radio-tubes? Basements, three months, my father and back seat console radio and turntable, one block to town, Tenafly Road, left to end of Tenafly. Large one building, recycles, big "stuff" and trash man. And one block before, Tenakin Swing Pools, and one street, Tenafly Swing, and across a street, The Tenafly Railroad Station.

Ping-Pong - Model Trains, car race, small peoples, green tress!

In the early 1962's my parents bought us a ping pong table and set it up in the basement. For two years, from 1962 to 1964, we hosted Olympic-level table tennis tournaments with neighborhood friends and each other.

After that we moved into the world of small model trains, car race and small peoples. Ping pong table but middle side! Dad bought us a set that included 12-14 race cars, trains, mountain tops, little people, trees, grass and miles of rail tracks.

Attic space for an additional room to play.

About that times we emerged ourselves in a family remodeling project. Dad wanted to finish off the attic space for an additional room to play. Dad and Mom did the heavy lifting. Bill, Kyle and I handled the nails, screwdrivers and hammers.

We took the ceiling down to the studs. Dad installed new studs and added new insulation and ceiling lights. We covered the walls in 4' x 8' foots white wainscoting panels. We tiled the floor and updated the electricity. It was a perfect time for Dad to update the electricity in both the attic and the basement. It gave up more options.

Together with Dad we built a walk-up oasis. This is where I did my art. We watched television here. Kyle and I camped out here. My Dad kept his large collection of chess pieces on display.

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Best friend, Steve, four house down

On Norman Place, I found my best buddy in a boy named Steve Holmgren, four blocks down, across a street. He was the same age, music, playing piano.

For four years we were a pretty tight dual, playing inside and outside in all kinds of weather, winter, spring, summer and fall. Steve's loved to build model airplanes and trains - mostly World War II fighters and bombers - together. And I, home, model cars and airplane.

Summer, Steve, me and next door Steven, next years for Kyle's friend, baseball, walking to Middle School, 6 to 8 grade, outside playing baseball. Swing pool in Steven's backyard, outside, praying firework! backyard, Steve and I, climbing in a tree house. Fun!

Summer, 1966, Steve and I, inside and outside playing games, baseball, backyard, Steve and I, climbing in a tree house, second floor garage. But next fall.

Steve Holmgren's grandfather's Trades, New House, 82 Norman Place

Steve's gandparend in next house down.

His grandfather was a homebuilder to top of 82 Norman Place! When the house was built in 1900 by Steve Holmgren's grandfather it included a small attic bedroom for the maid, a standard at the time.

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My parents repeat the six grade in Middle School!

"Middle bottom blackboard sign, Stillman School, Tenafly, December, 1965." Top middle, Teacher, Mr. Ohonesion, this year but no-next years! Mr. Ohonesion, teacher, top middle, and next to me, left, Garret, students. Bottom right, Steve Holmgren, four doors down to my home in Norman Place.  

In the early summer, 1966, my parents made a tough decision and held me lay back to repeat the six grades. All, I could think about was my best friend Steve was moving on to the seven grades without me. Sad, and hard to slow spelling words and grammar in my child!

Mom & I to Psychologist, N.Y.C., & Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y.

Summer, 1965, Saturday, my mother and I to Manhattan in building to old woman, Psychologist desk seat, rehired working to I, in reading, spelling word, pictures and more words. And, my father's family to Top of Hill, 10 Brady Lane, in Pawling, N.Y., across a "small rock and gravel road," to old woman home—same old woman to Psychologist in N.Y.C.!

Fall, 1965, Stillman School classes, children reading and writing. Back room, teacher, Mr. Ohonesion, two boys, Larry and I, in back, Mr. Ohonesion, spellings and grammars words sentence.

We had just started attending a new middle school. He was now going forward, and I was repeating the six grades. One or two times, I just visited the library after school and then went home. Eventually I learned to make new friends with me new classmates in the fall!

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Bicycle in 1961, north, south, east, west county!

Learning to ride my first bicycle was a big deal. By the time I finished the four grades I was able to ride my bicycle from Tenafly to Bergen County, NJ - south, Cliffside Park, west, Hackensack, to Oradell, and north, bicycle to Closter, Knickerbocker Road, in N.Y. State! 

Seiko & I north to Tallman Mountain Park, over night sleep!

For one year in middle school, around 1968, I had a new friend on the street named Seiko Takahashi. His family came from Japan and settled here just six doors down from us. Seiko and I went to the same school. Seiko's father was a big sports fan and took us to see the New York Yankees.

My family liked to get away to the mountains. In the summer between 1962 and 1966, we at Tallman Mountain Park along the Palisades We'd head out of Tenafly and take the Palisades Interstate Parkway north. It was the quickest way, at that time, for us to enjoy the 706 acres of pristine forest nestled between Alpine, New Jersey and Piermont, New York.

As a kid, we would make regular trips across Bear Mountain Bridge, a suspension bridge that carries U.S. Highways 202 and 6 across the Hudson River between Rockland and Westchester counties in New York. When first built in the 1920's it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. It is still an impressive crossing today. Before the Tappan Zee Bridge opened and we began taking New York's superhighway known as the Taconic State Parkway (Route 6 north to our summer home, we would cross the Bear Mountain Bridge, turn right, #6 and wind our way north to our cabin in Pawling.

In the summer of 1968 Seiko's father took us to Tallman Mountain Park for the day. The following weekend in Tenafly, Seiko and I rode our bicycles early Saturday morning in Tallman Park. Two boys riding around from morning until night in perfect summer sun.

Summer, '74, Howard & I to Tallman Mountain Park..

One of my favorite memories of Tallman Mountain Park is taking my high school friend Howard Jacobson right, there in the summer of 1974. Howie family, four street north, dad, mom, Howie and younger boy. I had known Howard since middle school, 8 grades, when we would play basketball on Saturdays in the gym, 4 or 5 time. Me, Howie, David Robinson, Earth Day, (February, 2012), Stu (Stuart), 2 block same and I, Clinton Avenue and Knickerbocker Road, Jim Olson and four to six other boys from the neighborhood west. Me and my friends playing sports, and first, 'Basketball.'

We remained friends all through middle and high school. Howard had lost his father to cancer two or three years earlier. It was tough to finish out high school without his Dad. When Howard was diagnosed with where form of cancer it was another big blow. And two years before, Howie father died to same cancer. One of his last wishes was to spend the day at Tallman Mountain Park. I took Howard there for the day in my car, VW Yellow bug, just the two of us driving and walking around looking at the magnificent vistas. When Howard passed away in the fall of 1974. I was comforted in knowing that I had given a buddy his last wish. After, Howe's mother and younger boys.

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John and I, 39 years!

I've known John since the summer, seven grades since 1967 in town, inside Record labels store. John Cornell and I, talking 45 records and more. We have the same taste in music: rock and roll, and pop music. John played the guitar and I played the drums. We often played together in my family's attic.

John lived with his mother, grandmother and two younger sisters in a well-appointed home on the "top of hill," rich, at the intersection of Dogwood Lane, left for Hudson Avenue, north east, overlooking the Tenafly Nature Center on Pfister Pond. His other grandmother lived in New York City, apartments.

John had a colorful of grand mom, Polly, was the related to both Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini, birth, March 24, 1874 and died, October 31, 1926. And grand mom, Polly buried, last one died, Polly and Harry Houdini!

Related, Ezra Cornell, born, January 11, 1807 and died, December 9, 1874, founder of Cornell University, New York State. My 4 years old, brother Bill Eldridge Toffey is a 1974 graduate of Cornell University. Yes, John Cornell related to Ezra Cornell, but no John to Cornell University for free.

Admiral Farragut Academy, Tom River, N.J.

With plans to enter the Navy, John spent his high school years, 1968 to 1973, attending Admiral Farragut Academy, Tom River, N.J. When he came home each summer we got back to playing our music. I had the opportunity to watch him graduate from the military prep school with his Mom, grandmother and new stepfather.

He lived with my mom, Dorothy, for a few months after graduation before getting his own apartment. After serving our country in the U.S. Navy, John worked in the lingerie industry before making a career in investments.

John and I to old and new cabin, Pawling, N.Y.

Once I got my drivers license, my friend John and I used to travel to our family's cabin in Pawling one to two times a year. We went there two to three a years, from 1971 to 2002, old and new cabin in Pawling, N.Y.

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MiniBike, Winter, 1969

 In the February, 1969, I became an engineer of sorts. I decided to build my first MiniBike from scratch, using a bicycle and a lawn mower motor.

First time, five month before, 1968, bedtime, pencils and papers, "MiniBike" - 8 1/2 x 11, and working hard! January, 1969, walking and big bag, steel frames parts, 3/4 inch, into town, north train track, one building arc welding, one-story tall, 24 plus height! Welding man, steel metal arc welding is the process of joining two metal pieces using a flux covered electrode which is melted in an electric arc, MiniBike, and becomes a fused part of the pieces being welded. Basements, working 2 1/2 engines, 2- steel 3/4 pipe, 2-wheels. But next month, February, outside back, first MiniBike, riding and far! But no brake!

Summer, 1 ½ years, used light blue mini-bike, spring, "The New Jersey's Bergen Record" in 1971. One of my friend's, mini bicycles, played four streets south-west, Knickerbockers Golf Course, Knickerbockers Road, 18 holes, but back of trees! And three times, MiniBike, Erledon Road, Palmer Avenue and Country Club Road in backyard. It was a lot of fun.

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Lowell Laundry Cleaners & Fur, 1969 to 1974...

In the summer of 1968, Kyle job at the Lowell Laundry Cleaners & Fur in Tenafly. It was a family-owned business with eight to 12 employees. The Lowell family included Cid Cohen, the patriarch, a mother, two daughters and two sons, who all worked at the shop. Kyle worked there for two summers, 1968 to 1969, and I stayed on 1969.

After school, walking to Laundry Cleaners, working right side, washing machines. Old black woman and I, washing and drying machines. Back middle, old Spinach's man for drying machine. Back right, old black man and woman but my friends, three working hard. Furs, front left, vault! Inside, cleaning furs, first and second furs, pull up myself.

President, owner and Jewish, Cid, wife, and two sisters and two brothers. Oldest brother, Steven, front, second, Joel, one years older for me, older's sister, Carol and youngest teenage girl, 1973, in Teaneck, NJ.

After license summer 1972, after working, Joel apartments in Teaneck. Across a street, Joel, Kung Fu, or Tai Chi, almost fifteen years, Chinese (1976). But inside apartments, Joel, nice pot, man, New York City, smoking Joel and I. One time, Joel for beers, and outside to car, Volkswagen Red Beetle, but "high," and stop, 10 minute! But after ten minute, slowing driving to beer store!

Daughter, Elizabeth and father, Jimmy Dean

In summer, 1972, Tenafly, my home to working Lowell Laundry Cleaners. New girl friend, Elizabeth Dean, one of three children, one summer working for Lowell Laundry Cleaners. Elizabeth, last fall, Junior High School, and I, Sophomore High School. Elizabeth father, Jimmy Dean, East Clinton Avenue.

Next summer, my bicycle to top, East Clinton Avenue and Woodland Street, corner. Big house! My doorbell. Answer door, Jimmy, big and 6.5 feet tall! My March of Dimes. And yes, money to March of Dimes.

Before, Jimmy Dean, Country Music. Dean, Hero: "Big Bad John," 1969. Jimmy Dean - A Tribute Memorial Rembrance - "I'm Drinking from My Saucer as my Cup has Overflows."

Next, Jimmy Dean for Breakfast and Sausages - www.JimmyDean.com.

Jimmy Dean died, June 5, 2010, 81 years old in home in Tenafly. Wikipedia.org, Jimmy Dean.

Dizzy Gillespie

Inside Laundry Cleaners, 1972, man, Dizzy, Englewood Cliff, old and new suits, shirt and pants. Jazz, Dizzy Gillespie, ankle top trumpet, three times in a New York City. Son, Steven Cohen and I, front laundry!

First time, 1973 in Manhattan, New York City, Edward and I to jazz, Dizzy Gillespie show, Dizzy, singing, Salt Peanuts. And two more, Edward and I in a City to Dizzy Gillespie music show!

Youtube.com, Jazz, Dizzy Gillespie.

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Ed and I, Junior Tenafly High School..

Edward Lustig and I became friends in Junior High School. He was from northeast Tenafly. In the summer months, Ed, John and I were inseparable We gave ourselves the nickname "3-triumph" to solidify our awesomeness as young men, who could have a lot of fun in eight weeks without school.

Ed came from a multigenerational household. He lived with his parents, two older sisters, and an older brother named Bill in a two-family house on Devon Road. His aunt lived in the apartment downstairs. Ed's mother, who once had a career in Vaudeville in New York City in Marathon, 1930's, was an amazing cook. Her ability to turn ingredients into flavorful masterpieces was an art form. She and Ed were always cooking together. At a point when his family was beginning to stretch out and become empty nesters - Bill was already away at college in Vermont - I was invited to eat to eat dinner at Ed's house several times. All these years later I still remember the scent of her kitchen and the taste of the lamb she cooked for us one night. Of course, Ed also convinced her to bake his favorite desserts.

Ironically enough, Ed's brother, two years old and Edward, eventually moved to southeastern section of Pawling, New York, north east, near our family property.

Ed's father was president of a direct mail advertising company at West 57th Street and Broadway in New York City. Ed started working for his father in 1974. Shortly there after, I began working at the factory in the winter and spring.We would take our lunch hour and sit in a truck outside in the back of the property.

In the Fall I began taking art classes at the School of Visual Arts. It wasn't a good fit for me, because the classes were terrible. As the winter warmed up and melted into the spring, I switched my course load to the Academy of Art on the corner of 57th Street and 7th Avenue.

Jake LaMott, famous middleweight boxing champion of the world

Ed had an interesting extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins. They were your classic first and second generation melting pot Americans from various ethnic backgrounds. There was a warm clatter around it all. I had always heard that Ed's aunt was related to Jake LaMott, the brutally famous middleweight boxing champion of the world from 1949 to 1951. LaMott's legacy was the focus of the 1980 movie, "Raging Bull" with Robert De Niro, movie.

We were close friends during periods of both sorrow and joy

Ed's parents were older. His Dad passed away in 1975. Shortly afterward, his mother moved into a new apartment with a view of the Hudson River. She was there for the country's Bicentennial celebration, right, July 4, 1976, "Bicentennial Op." I joined Ed and a group of family and friends to watch the tall ships PArade up the Hudson River that weekend. We hung out on his mother's apartment porch with a celebrity-eye view of all the festivities. It is still a great memory for me.

Unfortunately, some 18 months later, Ed's mother passed away, apartments, River Road, Fort Lee, NJ, 1977.

His brother Bill had already moved into his own second floor apartment in the New York City, south east, two years earlier. After their mother's passing, Ed took his own apartment on the sixth floor in the same building for a year. In 1978 we became roommates when Ed and I moved to West Philadelphia, landing a place at 908 47th Street. See: South East P.A., 47 Street and Baltimore Avenue, 1978 to ...

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Bill, Anne, Dawn & I in Chili, N.Y., ’71

Two time dating, Dawn and I in Rochester, N.Y., 1971

In June 20, 1970, brother’s Bill married Anne E. Lehman, in Chili, Rochester, N.Y. Youngest sister, Dawn and I, usher Garret (right, 10 down).

And Dawn and I, two time, romantic! Spring, 1971 in bed desk, me, letters, and envelopes, 'OOO-XXX' to Dawn’s home in Chili, three letters, but, too far!

But, after high school in Chili, N.Y., Dawn, south to Florida’s College, and dating, W. Preston in 1977!

Nancy and I, in summer, 1973, and...

Fall, senior high school, English teacher and student, Carol Huller's, one row back, new Nancy Selling and one back set, me. End of September first time, evening in attic, phone call Nancy, but hard! "Hi Nancy" or "Hello Nancy." But fifteen minutes, call Nancy’s Father, or Nancy’s Mother? But me call Nancy - three hours talking late!  Dating, you and I, talking and kissing!

Winter in 1973, Nancy and I, driving in New York City, two times. One, New York City, Manhattan. Walking to Broadway, theatre. But five minutes, outside Broadway, younger parents two-tickets and me and Nancy, and FREE! Husband or wife, late or sick? And New York City, Nancy, me, Brother Bill and wife, Ann, first week of January 1973. College, Bill and Ann, Cornell University but visiting my parents, two or three days. Nancy, I, Bill and Ann, Madison Square Garden, music and dinner! Fun!

Nancy father, Jewish in Poland in about 4 years old in 1945, but grandparent, Holocaust in oven

Spring, 1973, Nancy, no dating. Me, sad!! End of spring, proms, 9W, Alpine, NJ, 15-minute northeast, but friendship.

I in spring, 1977, Nancy and I in South East P.A.

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AFS, Intercultural Programs

AFS, Intercultural Programs, Junior and Senior High School. Nancy, David, I and 6 or 8 friends, after student's after high school.

Junior high school, fall to spring, my friend, Robert, Sydney, Australia. And Junior, spring, two weeks north, airplane, Jamestown, N.Y., Robert and I. Farming, and new person, James, old home, sister, mother and father. Father, working welter but bland. Animals, chickens, horses, dogs, etc. And ½ miles walking, Robert's home, and large farm. After, two weeks, spring, 1972, friend James, Tenafly, 82 Norman Place.

Robert, David Robinson and I, driving north, 1 ½ hours, "My Cabin," Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y., Saturday and Sunday.

Outside high school, Robert playing Australia Football - new rule, 8 - 10 boys, two hours! Fun but hard football!

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Arsonist, backyard, summer, July 18, 1973, 1:30AM…

Old barnyard in winter in 1970, 82 Norman Place, northeast in Tenafly, N.J. Inside barn, 1900, horse’s wagons and buggies. Second ankle floor, woods chair, wood table, and “stiff!”

One time in July 18, 1973 at 1:30 am, myself woke up left window, fire in back, but my friend, John across a hall (Kyle in 1961 to 1968), my parents sleeping in front! But, brother, Kyle in attic back woke up in back fire in barn!

Underwear from bed rushes to back, downstairs in kitchen in the back hall to backyard, barnyard fire! And two minutes, Kyle in backyard! Finally, my parents, and friend, John to rush behind barnyard, fire!

Three Volkswagen'e Fire!

Back near garage, 1962 Red Beetles – done! Next, yellow bug cloth sunroof (new 1966), dorm! Far garage in back, my dad, gray-white, last year (new car, 1965), but driving. Ford Mercury, side yard to my home! First, police and fire department in back garage, done, and arson policemen, but no male suspect.

Next month, same New Moon, upstairs sleeping, around 2 am, winter, but woke up, arsonist! Brother, Kyle in attic, woke up bed, 2 am. But friends, John, side, and my parents, sleeping! My socks, t-shirt, short jean, and Kyle running back street, 8 or 10 street south in Tenafly - but no suspect.

Three months, 3/4 New Moon full moon, but woke up, fire arson, around 2 am, and Kyle, back porch, running in a street, ten or eleven blocks! Fire arson, but no suspect. Evening in winter, driving to down pub, beer. And man, suspect in pub! Bill's friend's arsonist, three block street south, same high school!

First of eight Volkswagen, Red Beetles, new, 1962, before license in spring, 1971!

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'74, Winter, Spring, Summer in Woodstock, 2 month

Two Art Schools in New York City, 1974. First, Fall to Winter, School of Visual Arts, one-haft years, studding for Artist and graphic. But difference school, winter and spring. The Art Students League of New York City.

Summer, Woodstock, N.Y., two month, Artist School

In down town, driving west, six or eight minutes, turn right, one-quarter miles, right old big house, Peter and wife, ten years old to I in 1974. Students, nine younger peoples, study to The Art Students League in Woodstock southeast, 8 or 10 minutes.

Sleeping, four young women, and Peter and wife sleeping too. Back of Barnyard upstairs sleeping, Jim, Davie, two more younger men and myself.

First floor back of barnyard, nine younger peoples and painting, acrylic and drawing, working hard. Peter and Jim, Davie, I and two or three more students, driving to top of Catskills and stop. Walking, canvas board and oil painting landscapes, trees, stubs and grasses. Five or six time, Catskills landscapes.

The dining room wall frame picture, Collins Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ, two oil canvas landscape, apartments, [August 3, 2017, signed a lease] in desktop wall, "Trees, Grass, Light and Dard Sky."

Barnyard, 6 to 8 younger peoples one or two day a week driving to down town Woodstock Artists and Gallery studying artists. The Woodstock Artists Association since 1920,“a first-rate exhibition of fine arts” from the New York Times.

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair festival in the Unite State in August 15-17 in Catskill in 1969, 32 acts performed and 400,000 people. But me and Kyle, no licence to Woodstock music!

"Hippie!" Two times more, wife, Lisa and I in downtown, stores, foods, art sales, and more!

walking north, gravel road, stop, fence: Bob Dylan and Band!

Large house and barn, me, Jim Birds and 3 friends 10 minute and big trees walking but stop! Fence! Large building, Bob Dylan and Band! But big fence!

Saturday, me and Jim, same age, and car, Italy, MGB (new car 1968), north to house, New Pawl, N.Y. And, after, car, Binghamton, N.Y. Birds' father, before, 1974, Bar, Genesis Beer. And 1950*, Rod Sterling, RodSerling.com, and beer and TV Show! Famous writing, The Twilight Zone, YouTube.

Davie and my parents, One Year, 1974

After Woodstock in fall to summer, Davie from North Caroline, driving to my parent’s home in Tenafly, N.J. One year, Davie, working for working for big advantage in New York City Manhattan. But almost one year. Davie moving to back to North Carolina in Artist.

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Fall, 8 hour south to East Carolina University, 1974

End of summer in Woodstock, but maybe college to East Carolina Universit in fall? But mail back, yes, ECU! Father, mother, and I, eight hours south. Fall, winter and spring, 1974. Artist and Graphic Designer for 4 years.

Fall dorm room, first to four floor top to bottom classes, artist, math, history and artist history, psychologist, and music study. And after study, walking to music, drums, 1 or 2 hours. But fall and winter, Saturday and Sunday, lonely but walking down building, music, drumming.

First time, end of December, 1974, Christmas, friends, north, Princeton, NJ And my parents and I to Tenafly. But, next fall to spring, car, and dark green SquareBack Type 3.

End of classes East Carolina University, summer, driving north to home, 82 Norman Place, 1975 and summer, 1976. Six years part-time for Lowell Laundry Cleaners & Fur. Inside cleaning, back, old man and old woman, black, and I too old and new shirt, skirt, blouse, pants, sweater, fur, and more cloths!

But home in Tenafly, August 23, 1976, below..,

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Car accident, five minute west, No-Remember!

But, August 23, 1976, three trips in outside front door. arms, stereo receivers repaired Side to car seat, Volkswagen SquareBack, Type 3, red, back seat stereo. Norman Place and Knickerbocker Road left and turn right, Greentree Terrace, right and left to Pleasant Avenue, driving to Bergenfield, NJ, repair stereo store.

After repair, Concert, New York City, music, Madison Square Garden: "Yes" tickets. Alexander's Store, Paramus, Route 4, 20 minute to Bergenfield. Across a street, Garden State Plaza, Gimbals Store. My mother working for Gimbals, four or five years, curtains, blinds, shades, 1968 to 1972. Inside Alexander, Nancy Selling, working women's cloths, one year, 1973.  Middle, "Me and Nancy."

Three, after Alexander's Store, driving to Palisades Park, best friend, John first wife, Cynthia, new apartment, south, 20 to 25 minute southeast to Alexander's Store.

But front door to right side, no memory! Car accident, Porter Avenue, old man! After home, right and left knee and hands! Two months in cast from end of August to October!

After, south to Philadelphia, Bill and wife, Anne, in 1976, and had apartment, 1/2 block away in west Philadelphia. Niece, Laurel was a new born in January 1, 1976!

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