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Lucille Ball & Russell Markert

1999, one more time, me and Spike, old Cabin

In 1999, One more time, old "Old Cabin! Next years, 2000, new Cabin, 1st, 2nd, & basements. Me and dog, Spike!

See, My Cabin, Pawling; Dad, 1947, Top!


"Twenty-One Toffey's" Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. September, 2011, backyard, great-great-great-great grandparents, John & Abigail Akin Toffey, birth & death.


1999, one more time, me and Spike, old Cabin

Christ Church, Quaker Hill, 1988, 12 minute cabin, Games Farm Road.

Gravesite in Pawling, Christ Church.


Ten Days, California, middle state, Hearst Castle.

Ten Days, California, Los Angeles, south, north, & south!

Middle state, Hearst Castle, six hours, December, '87, Upper Darby, P.A.


backyard, summe, 1961
Backyard, round swinging pool, summer, 1961, Tenafly, N. J.




Memorial Garden Plaques in Christ Church - 10 gate, Summer, '13. Twins cousin Nancy, wife, Kathy, Bill, Garret & Cousin Annie.

"Fifth Generation of Toffey's in Pawling, N.Y."

New, spring, 2013, bronze Memorial Garden Plaques in Christ Church.

Summer, square gate, ten stone, after die: Garret Sip Toffey, my brother, five cousins; husband's & wife's.

Pawling, N.Y.-JPG., Memorial Garden Plaques.


Great, great grant Sidney Freethey, Fernandina, FL. Sea: "O.U.", (4 in x 8 in); me, new Cabin, Quaker Hill, Pawling, NY, 2003.

Great-great grant father, Sidney Freethey, mom's Two-Mommy father, Fernandina, F.L, ."Ocean Sea," 28 feet in length. "O. U.", 4 inch x 8 inch.

Old cabin in Pawling, N.Y., 1971 to 1999, and new cabin, 2000, front door top. "O. U.," summer, 2000, Quaker Hill!

New Cabin, summer, 2003, front door wall.


00;Mar 20;00, Back Yad; 2 Doors

Working, December, 2000, old kitchen, old woods walls & ceilings, 3-stuts in 2 months. Back, old woods, 3-studs, ankle. But, new woods, pine, right.


February, dining room , front tall. Left, top, height, lumber hardwood, two- 7 feet, light wood! 

Old and new, February, 2000, left, dining room, front tall, and right, living room. Top of wall, left to right, new lumber hardwood, height, two- 7 feet, light wood! 


Front Hall, Tenafly.

Front & side hall, antique stained glass window! Four, stained glass: left side; front door; right door. Tenafly, N. J., Summer, 1961 to 1983.




Story of Services and Stroke

"and Links"

Old Family; Health; Therapy; Medicines

My dad's grandfather, John James Toffey, and more dad family. seminarMy mother cousin, Russell Markert, New York City, Radio City Music Hall, "36 Rockettes." Attic, in home to Upper Darby, P.A., first time internet, 30 years. New site, 1998, Sip Studio, Inc.; And more services and stroke: Health and Stroke, Products For Stroke Victim, Therapy and Services, and Medicines for Stroke.

History My Family Ancestry...
History Stroke and Health
History Stroke and Electric Mobility
History Therapy and Services
History Medicines

My Family

John James Toffey

Great grand John J. Toffey: - John James Toffey.

Pawling, N.Y., "Toffey" --, "Toffey," 40, Pawling, N.Y.

"John J. Toffey:" American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWI:, "John James Toffey," 1 to 24 resolve.

Russell Markert

Radio City Music Hall, "36 Rockettes" - National Dance Week, Rockettes.

Russell and sister, Gladys Markert, business management for Radio City Music Hall.

New York City, Radio City Music Hall: Russell Markert, 91 years old.

Sip Studio Inc. - "Web Development"

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Health and stroke

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Cigarettes and Smoking - www.WebWeekly.hms,, archive: smoking-and-stroke

Cocaine and Stroke -, stroke-related-to-cocaine-use-dictionary

Cocaine and Stroke -, enc, stroke - cocaine-use

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