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Russell Markert: Film Choreographers and Dance Directors: An Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia with a History and Filmographies, 1893 Through 1995 [Hardcover]

PA, '7, Dating, Me & Susan and Ed, north, Tenafly, NJ.

In summer, 1977, West Philadelphia, P.A., dating, Susan and I, and Edward, north NJ, 82 Norman Place, Tenafly, mom and da------d.

First of 3 Volkswagen Bus, 1965 (and 1966, 1968). Working, Volkswagen, 1977, north Philadelphia, 1/2 years.

Southeast P.A., West Philadelphia.


Front porch, Tenafly.

Front Porch, dad, mom, and three boys, Tenafly, NJ


House, 6542 Collins Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ. November, 1999 to August 31, 2009.

Now, April, 1, 2014, my house,6542 Collins Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ, November, 1999 to now.

Front yard, March, '13. outside, dark, middle and light window, upstairs, downstairs, side window and new 42 width blue door, 2002.





First of ten Toffey's death in Memorial Garden Plaques, stone, Susan F. Toffey. 1946-2014, 68 years.

Blood of Toffey's, first time died, my cousin, Akin Hatch's wife, Susan E. Toffey, square, bronze Memorial Garden Plaques. Susan, 1946-2014, 68 years in Christ Church, Quaker Hill, Pawling, N.Y. Families of Toffey's and friends for May 11, 2014.

Husband, Akin Hatch Toffey, and new wife, October, 2014 in F.L.


Front porch, Tenafly.

William Vermilye Toffey II, one years old, 155 Magndia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 1881 - 1955.

Three generation: 
Grandfather, William Vermily Toffey II; dad, William Vermily Toffey III.


Akin Free Library

Akin Free Library, Quaker Hill in Pawling, front, 1998. Inside: basements, old men, animal, birds, etc. 1st floor, back, Old Books! Frond, left & right, Old "Toffey", and Pawling, N.Y., Akin, etc.

Corner, across street, Church Road, and Quaker Hill Road, Christ Church cemetery, my parents, and more grave in Quaker Hill.


'64-65; New York Word's Fail

Summer, in Tenafly, two years, 1964 and 1965, father driving to New York Word's Fair. Dad, working, Free, Drug Trade New! Senior writing.


1987; North CA; Tree Japan. Ten days, car.

In 1987, west to Los Angeles, California, ten days. Back to to Los Angeles. Tree Japan, north California, Route 1. South, couples and, three day to Tijuana, Mexico, one day.




Story of Products and Stroke

"For Stroke Victims"

Order right from your computer

I have found a number of products and services which are helpful to Stroke Victims and would like to share them on the site. Some I've tried and some I'd like to learn more about.

Below, products for motorcycle's, crashes and motorcycles videos. Fall off for motorcycle in a street or sidewalk. Motorcycles and cocaine, accident car crashes.  Motorcycles and marijuana, a teenage who suffered series of strokes. And motorcycles and cigarettes impart of smoke in a motorcycle, side road and light a cigarettes! seminar

July 3, 2006, 1:30, back yard, on a motorcycle of sideway but fall off, right sides. Almost 10 minute, in floors, sideway to porch, 7 or 8 feet, but almost death! And ½ hours before, lighted a cocaine's, marijuana, and smoke, 12 noontime, but…

 If you have any suggestions please let us know about them in email, sip@sipnalive.com.

History Stroke and motorcycles...
History Businesses and Stroke Victims...
History One way to keep up with products
History Stroke and Electric Mobility

Motorcycle: Car Crash

Car Crash Completion - Accidents serious and impressive..

Best Beginner Motorcycles.com - Seven's motorcycle Crash!

YouTube.com, Related Motorcycles - motorcycle, living and death!

Motorcycle and Cocaine

Video - www.Cocaine, Motorcycle and Car

www.DailyMail.co.uk/Millionaire-Cocaine-habit - Millionaire with cocaine habit!

www.Miamiherald.com/cocaine-godmother - Miami, Florida - cocaine and godmother!

Motorcycles and Marijuana

www.Popsci.com: marijuana - teenager who suffered series of strokes

www.Motorcycle Accident - Fall Off for Motorcycles

www.Friendsdrivesober.org -  Effects can last up to 24 hours after smoking marijuana!

Motorcycles and Cigarettes

www.Alcoholism.about.com - Marijuana use can make it difficult to judge distances and react to signals and sounds on the road

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Businesses which offer products

There are a few businesses which offer products specifically for Stroke Victims. These are online stores where you can order right from your computer.  They have specific online listings just for the needs of people like us. Check out

www.AllegroMedica.com - Daily Living Aids.

www.ElderStore.com - Products for Seniors.

Among their other products, Active Forever, Reflex PAin Management and Caregiver Products offer interesting items for Stoke Victims as well.

www.LifeSolutionsPlus.com - Quality Products for Independent Living.

www.ActiveForever.com - Medical Supplies, Safety Equipment & Innovative Health Products.

www.ReflexPAinManagement.com - Reflex PAin Managements.

www.CareGiverProducts.com - Care, Products and Services.

www.CureParalysisNow.org - "Spring Into Action."

www.Livestrong.com/leg-cramps - Light of muscle cramping!

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Blog from Wordpress.. 

Of course, one way to keep up with products which are useful to Stroke Victims is to see what other people are saying.  It's also a way to get some personal opinions about specific items too. I've found that a very good forum is the Stroke Rehab Blog from Wordpress.  People weigh in on their own experiences in dealing with Stroke recovery.

www.Strokerehabandrecovery.wordpress.com - They have an RSS feed.

www.En.wordpress.com/Rehab after stroke - Stroke after Stroke.

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Electric Mobility Electric Mobility

Getting around and about is often a serious issue and companies like Electric Mobility and The Scooter Store specialize in mobility products. 

www.TheScooterstore.com - America's #1 Power Chair & Scooter Provider

www.SpinLife.com - The Wheelchair Store, Experts in motion

For those like myself who are wrestling with Aphasia and related brain injuries there's an interesting device called the Lingraphica. Also, PArrot Software offers online programs for speech recovery and Communication partner has a series of video programs on DVD as well.




Of course, some things you must do on your own. Watching your diet is one.  And exercise, by far and away, is critical.  Some good information on exercise for Stroke Victims can be found with Livestrong, The National Stroke Association and Wellsphere. If you want to quickly get a look at some of the exercises being suggested, simply search "Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises" on YouTube or do the same with Google videos.

www.Ehow.com / how: Diet stroke victims - How and Stroke Victim.


www.Stroke.org, REHAB

WellShere.com - Rehabilitation - For-stroke-victims.

www.Youtube.com - Watch!

Obviously, there's a lot of resources out there and as I learn more.  You can help too by sharing your recommendations and experiences and I look forward to hearing more.

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