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Kitten, porch, Hempdan Road, Upper Darby, PA, Jeeter and Wanda.

Front porch, Hampden Road, fall, 1998, small kitten. Clumbing up to top, Jeeter and Wanda, catnip for carpet.

Inside, mom's cats, Sasha, one years old, Monk and Jasper. And dog, Spike: six pets.


Tricycle, 3st years, back yard.

Tricycle, three years, summer, backyard.

Birth - 1961, Tricycles.


March, 2000, back yard, old brown woods

March, 2000, backyard, old brown woods;. Four and one-haft month, December, 1999 - April, 2000, old hall, kitchen, dining room, back five stairs down and one door; circa, 1930.



American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies 

Xxx xx.

Sunset in Tijuana, Mexico in PacificOcean,December, 1987. One day, Paul, wife and I.

Ten days, Los Angeles, south, north and south of California.



SIP: Art for Sale

"..and left-arm"

A Colorful

Art for sale! Before my stroke on July 3, 2006, I was a right-handed artist. All these artworks now available were created by me after the stroke, using my "left hand". In 2007, I started drawing again with pencil, pen, charcoal, and Pastels. And Paining with watercolors!Mouse

You can purchase one design in a "Pack of 12 cards" with envelopes, or a "Multi-Pack" including all 12 designs, also with envelopes. Each card is a bi-fold measuring 4.25" x 5.5", with coordinating envelope.

Pricing: Each Pack of 12 cards is $12.95, plus shipping, See order form below.

"Home", August, 2006      "Barn and Trees", January, 2007. Crayon and paper.      "Bird and Tree, August, 2006. Color pen and paper.

August, 2006. Crayon, pen, and white paper.


"Barn & Tree"
January, 2007. Crayon, pen, and paper.


"Bird and Tree"
Spring, 2007. Color crayons and color paper.

"Windmill, Tree & Winter", fall, 2008. Pencil and black ink.   "Mountain & River", fall, winter, 2008. Crayons and pencil.   "Lighthouse", fall and winter, 2008. Pencil and black ink.

"Windmill, Tree and Winter"
Summer, 2008. Pencil and black ink.


"Mountain & River"
Fall, winter, 2008. Crayons and pencil.


Fall and winter, 2008. Pencil and black ink.

"Coffee and Plants", August, 2006   "Mountain", spring, 2007. Oil Pastels & color paper.   "Trees & River", September, 2007. Pencil and color crayons.

"Coffee & Plants"
August, 2006. Crayons and color paper.


Spring, 2007. Oil Pastels and color paper.


"Trees and River"
September, 2007. Pencil and color crayons.

"Lighthouse", winter, 2008. Pencil, black ink and color paper.   "Cow and Tree", spring, 2009. Black pencil.   "Lighthouse and Winter", Febrery, 2009.; Black pencil, red crayon.

Winter, 2008. Pencil, red and blue ink, and color paper.


"Cow and Tree"
Spring, 2009. Black pencil.


"Lighthouse & Winter"
February, 2009. Black pencil, red crayon.


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